Join the GeoAction Africa Survey: Uniting for Climate Resilience and Sustainable Development

ConnectAID is proud to announce the launch of the GeoAction Africa Survey, a pivotal initiative by our esteemed nonprofit member, the World Geospatial Industry Council (WGIC). With a steadfast commitment to fostering solidarity and driving SDG action, ConnectAID is dedicated to supporting projects that empower communities and address pressing global challenges. WGIC, nominated by ConnectAID, was honored with the prestigious climate action prize by AGFUND, which provided the funding for the GeoAction Africa project. The survey marks a significant milestone in this transformative endeavor, aimed at promoting climate resilience and sustainable development across Africa.

Empowering Climate Resilience and Sustainable Development

ConnectAID believes that collective efforts and innovative solutions are essential in achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). WGIC’s GeoAction Africa project embodies this ethos by harnessing the potential of geospatial innovation to tackle climate change and promote sustainable development in the African continent. By leveraging cutting-edge technology, this project seeks to drive positive change, enhance climate resilience, and foster inclusive growth throughout Africa.

The GeoAction Africa Survey: Your Voice for Climate Action

We invite individuals from diverse backgrounds, including experts, practitioners, policymakers, and local communities in Africa, to participate in the survey. Your insights and perspectives are invaluable in shaping effective strategies and actionable plans that will drive positive change in Africa. This survey addresses a range of thematic areas related to geospatial technology and its applications in climate change mitigation, sustainable agriculture, urban planning, disaster management, public health, and more. By sharing your expertise, experiences, and ideas, you contribute to a comprehensive understanding of the current landscape, identify challenges, and highlight opportunities for collaboration and innovation.

Solidarity in Action: Recognizing WGIC’s Climate Action Prize

ConnectAID proudly supports organizations like WGIC that exemplify solidarity and dedication to creating sustainable solutions. WGIC’s remarkable work and innovative approach were acknowledged through the AGFUND climate action prize. This recognition highlights their significant contributions and inspires others to join the movement towards climate resilience and sustainable development in Africa.

Take the First Step: Make a Difference in Climate Action

Join us in taking the first step towards a climate-resilient and sustainable future for Africa. By participating in the GeoAction Africa Survey, you actively contribute to the creation of innovative and sustainable solutions. Your input shapes the direction of geospatial innovation, fosters collaboration, and empowers communities to effectively address climate challenges.

Click here to participate in the Survey and be a catalyst for positive change in the lives of communities across Africa.

Together, let’s harness the power of geospatial innovation to build climate resilience and shape a sustainable future.

About ConnectAID and WGIC

ConnectAID is a global network dedicated to promoting solidarity, driving SDG action, and connecting organizations and individuals for sustainable development. In collaboration with exceptional nonprofit members like our Member WGIC, we support impactful projects and foster collaborations to address global challenges.

For media inquiries and further information, please contact: Info@connectaid.org

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