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ConnectAID Welcomes the Antara Foundation as Nonprofit Member

ConnectAID, a global platform dedicated to connecting nonprofit organizations and social impact projects with supporters, is thrilled to announce the Antara Foundation as its newest nonprofit member. The partnership was forged during a field mission to India, where ConnectAID’s founder, Gaelle Mogli, had the opportunity to meet with the CEO of the Antara Foundation, Chandrika Bahadur, and its Founder-Director, Ashok Alexander. The Antara Foundation, led by a team with extensive experience in public health and development, has been making significant strides in improving health outcomes for vulnerable populations in India.

A Meeting of Minds at the World Summit of SDG Influencers: Chandrika Bahadur, the CEO of the Antara Foundation, has been an influential figure in sustainable development and participated as a key speaker at ConnectAID’s World Summit of SDG Influencers. Alongside prominent individuals such as Patrick Paul Walsh, Kent Page, Tom Gloria, Adam Rogers, and Helen Clark, Chandrika shared her expertise and insights, highlighting the critical role of education in achieving Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

A Fruitful Encounter in India: During ConnectAID’s field mission to India, Gaelle Mogli met with Chandrika Bahadur and Ashok Alexander, the Founder-Director of the Antara Foundation. Ashok left McKinsey as a Senior Partner to lead the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation in India. There, he established an HIV prevention program called Avahan which became the world’s largest-ever HIV prevention program. He brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to the foundation’s endeavors.

Exploring Collaboration Opportunities: The meeting provided an opportunity for ConnectAID and The Antara Foundation to explore potential areas of collaboration. ConnectAID’s international solidarity network aims to empower non-profit organizations by raising awareness about their work and facilitating support from individuals and organizations passionate about social impact. By partnering with the Antara Foundation, ConnectAID seeks to amplify the impact of the foundation’s initiatives and contribute to improving the lives of marginalized communities in India.

Amplifying the Antara Foundation’s Impact: Through ConnectAID, the Antara Foundation will gain a broader platform to communicate its mission, programs, and achievements. ConnectAID’s global network of supporters and philanthropic individuals will have the opportunity to learn about the Antara Foundation’s work, engage with its initiatives, and provide support to further its goals.

A Collaborative Vision: ConnectAID and the Antara Foundation share a vision of creating sustainable change and addressing the healthcare needs of vulnerable populations. The partnership is grounded in the belief that collective action and collaboration are key to achieving lasting impact in public health and development.

Looking Ahead: As ConnectAID welcomes the Antara Foundation as a new nonprofit member, both organizations are excited about the possibilities that lie ahead. The collaboration will catalyse positive change, enabling the Antara Foundation to expand its reach, garner support, and make a significant difference in the lives of women and children in India.

The partnership between ConnectAID and the Antara Foundation marks a significant milestone in the pursuit of improved health outcomes for vulnerable populations in India. Through this collaboration, ConnectAID aims to leverage its platform and global network to raise awareness about the Antara Foundation’s work and facilitate support from passionate individuals and organizations around the world. Together, they strive to create a brighter future and foster sustainable development in the realm of public health.

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