ConnectAID for Nonprofit Organizations

Welcome to ConnectAID, the platform that empowers nonprofit organizations to maximize their impact on people’s lives. 

As a nonprofit organization, you can join us as a member and gain access to the tools and support you need to communicate and inform the public of your projects.

We are more than just a platform. We are your network!


As a nonprofit member, you will be part of a community of NGOs from all around the world. We will promote your work internationally through our extensive social media reach.

Joining us means you will no longer work in silos. You will have access to a private forum with other international NGO members, where we will all share best practices, communication tips, and eventual grant opportunities. This forum is also an excellent place to encourage partnerships and organize events and training, which you will be able to access for free once you are an official vetted member.

With you, we will co-create an impact network where nonprofit organizations work together in solidarity. Join ConnectAID today, and let us help you achieve your mission of making the world a better place!

Join us now as nonprofit Member

Official membership is subject to our vetting process and terms and conditions.  


Work with our pool of international Consultants

In addition to delegating your position of Director of Communications and partnership, our team of international Consultants has high level expertise in  Strategies, Events and Campaigns Management, IT, Videos, legal advise, Public Relations, partnerships and research in the Sustainable Development field. The advantage is that you will not work in silo anymore, but in partnership with ConnectAID and its members! 

Become a partner for a specific programme

Create a tailored partnership with our social network, our Academy of youth and schools, SDG Book Corners, numerous conferences, Annual World Summits…

You can also choose to partner with us for a specific SDG related campaign or event, and we will help you spread the word internationally through our extended networks.

Delegate your social media management

As a nonprofit organization, you need a social media presence. But working in silos is time-consuming and rarely allows you to shine in the digital space.

From copywriting your weekly posts on ConnectAID, Twitter, FB and LinkedIN, to growing your audience, we can take care of your social media management for you.

Let us organize field missions to visit your projects

In addition to ConnectAID’s direct communication support to organizations on the ground to write your stories and film videos, we also make it possible for volunteers, corporations and media representatives to visit your projects, enhancing your visibility and fundraising efforts. If you are interested in organizing such field missions with us, please contact us.


What they say about us

Mamta Borgoyari
Mamta BorgoyariDirector of FXB India Suraksha
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"ConnectAID has told our story to the world. We are so grateful for all the support they have provided to our nonprofit, through their trainings, field missions, international events and ongoing communication to such a wide international audience. I have no word to express my gratitude towards them."
Elise Buckle
Elise BuckleFounder of Climate and Sustainability and She Changes Climate
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"I have seen how effective ConnectAID has already proved to be in the sustainability space. Their summits and communication campaign around COP26 clearly demonstrated that ConnectAID has the skills, personnel, network, and ability to amplify, enhance, and strengthen the work that all of us in the space are doing."
Barbara Ryan
Barbara RyanDirector of WGIC
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"ConnectAID is a a force-multiplier for achieving SDGs. Thanks to their connections and advice, we have been awarded a major international prize that will have tremendous impact on our climate actions."
Debra Ruh
Debra RuhFounder of Ruh Global and Billion Strong
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"As soon as I heard about what they are doing, I wanted to be in. What they are doing really speaks to my heart. ConnectAID's network is so powerful, because this is where good happens."
Michael J. Jordan
Michael J. JordanSpecialist in Global Communications, Media Relations & Executive Writing
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" Not only is a network like ConnectAID needed now more than ever, but groups that can prove their impact toward achieving an SDG will attract greater support – especially from donors."
Yasmine Sherif
Yasmine SherifDirector of Education Cannot Wait
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"ConnectAID is a fantistic initiative, even more than inovative, this is geneous. Education Cannot Wait, the UN global fund for education in emergencies, hosted by UNICEF is in!"
Amaya Gillespie
Amaya GillespieUN Adviser
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"I still believe that the world is a generous place and it is possible to live life 'on purpose"; but too often we get wrapped up in our own individual effort and forget that we can do so much more when we are "connected". That is what ConnectAID is all about. As the proverb goes: " If you want to go quickly go alone, if you want to go far, go together..."
Thomas Gloria
Thomas GloriaFormer Director of the Sustainability Programme at Harvard University
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"For those who discover who ConnectAID is and what it's about: there is this true sense that we all belong. ConnectAID's strength is making everyone feel like they fit and everyone feels empowered to do something for sustainable development."
Helen Clark
Helen ClarkFormer Prime Minister of New Zealand & Head of UNDP
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"I hope people will be inspired by what ConnectAID does. Every voice counts, make yours count."