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Welcome to our list of Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) Influencers 

An SDG influencer is someone who leverages his or her online presence and social media platforms to spread awareness, promote action, and create a positive impact towards the SDGs to protect our people and our planet. These individuals have the power to inspire, mobilize and engage their audiences to take action online towards achieving the SDGs.

ConnectAID values the role of SDG influencers as they can help amplify our mission to connect people and organizations with impactful projects around the world, to tackle global challenges and create a more sustainable future for all.

Along with our Vice president Adam Rogers, Author of Taking Action Online, we created a ranking list of SDG influencers based on social media activities for sustainable causes. Many influencers from our list are now ConnectAID Ambassadors or advocates, and help us enhance the visibility of our humanitarian, development and environmental causes. Together, we form a community of change-makers with a wide audience from all around the world.

ConnectAID has organized the first World Summit of SDG Influencers to connect SDG Influencers and encourage people to take action online for common good. If you are interested in sponsoring our events, contact us to organize the next world summit together! 

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ConnectAID is a social impact network dedicated to the Sustainable Development Goals. 

Our mission is to provide direct support to international nonprofit environmental and humanitarian organizations, allowing individuals and corporations the opportunity to get directly involved in sustainable development actions. The organization also offers foundations and nonprofits the tools and support they need to communicate strategically with targeted audiences. 

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Never has it been as possible for nearly everyone, everywhere, to take part in and take action for creating a better world! Join the world’s top social media influencers at the forefront of harnessing online networks to build forward better, to support humanitarian aid & to promote action in the achievement of the 17 SDGs.

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