World Summit of SDG Influencers

ConnectAID’s World Summit of SDG Influencers

Unleashing Global Solidarity through Online Engagement

ConnectAID’s World Summit of Social Media Influencers for the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) was a groundbreaking event that garnered international reach and engaged millions of viewers. With an audience of over 500 individuals from 187 countries, the summit made a significant impact on social media, reaching over 3 million individuals worldwide.

The conference, organized by ConnectAID, the International Solidarity Network, aimed to leverage the power of social media to inform, inspire, and engage individuals in creating a more equitable and sustainable world. Former UNDP Administrator Helen Clark expressed her enthusiasm for the event, stating, “Great event that ConnectAID organized. I hope people will be inspired by this event to use their voice.”

ConnectAID’s board member, Adam Rogers, highlighted the significance of social media in his book, “Taking Action Online.” In his exploration of online networks and their potential for positive impact, Rogers emphasized the need for collective engagement: “We are indeed each a dot in a constellation of possibilities. On our own, we can discover, refine, and contribute our talents to the greater good. But when we are inspired by others, learn from others, and join forces with others, we become an unstoppable movement.”

As stated by ConnectAID CEO Gaëlle Mogli, “Only together can we tackle the challenges of sustainable development. Now is the time for the online collective to take action and reinvent solidarity – one click at a time.” The COVID-19 crisis highlighted the importance of collective efforts, as many charitable organizations face significant difficulties in fulfilling their missions due to limited resources and donations.

The summit featured an array of influential speakers and panelists who shared their expertise and social media strategies for advancing sustainable development. Ulrika Modeer, ASG & Director of External Relations at UNDP, highlighted the role of communication in post-COVID-19 recovery. Debra Ruh, CEO of Ruh Global IMPACT and Co-Founder and Chair of Billion-Strong, emphasized the importance of collective action: “The world has come together to agree on the UN 17 sustainable development goals (SDGs) to solve our largest global problems. ConnectAID International has brought together NGOs around the world that are on the frontlines supporting the implementation of the UN SDGs. Together we are stronger and can make a huge difference for our living planet, people, and the other inhabitants. I am proud to become an ambassador for this important initiative to save our world.”

Patrick Paul Walsh, Senior Adviser at UN SDSN and Director of Sustainable Development Studies at University College Dublin, highlighted the importance of focusing on the least developed countries: “None of us are doing any good unless we are using our capacities for the least developed countries. I am happy, delighted even, to be an Ambassador for ConnectAID and to be that academic voice.”

Jennifer Williams, co-founder of TakeAction Edu, called for a higher level of solidarity and collective action: “We need to move to the next level of solidarity. ConnectAID offers a human-centered approach with dedication to building an inclusive community and collective action. We are the people, this is the moment—let’s join together for our planet and its citizens.” Kent Page, Chief Advocacy and Communication at Education Cannot Wait, the UN global fund for education in emergencies, praised ConnectAID for their impactful event: “Congratulations to ConnectAID for this great event with so many interactions; what you are building is terrific.”

The summit aimed to inspire and empower participants to use their social media influence to amplify the voices of marginalized communities and drive meaningful change. It served as a platform for social media influencers, activists, and organizations to come together and share their insights, strategies, and success stories in utilizing digital platforms for advancing the SDGs.

Through engaging discussions and interactive sessions, the World Summit of Social Media Influencers for the SDGs provided attendees with valuable knowledge and tools to make a difference. The event showcased innovative approaches to using social media as a force for positive change, highlighting the importance of collaboration, solidarity, and collective action.

ConnectAID’s World Summit of Social Media Influencers for the SDGs was a testament to the power of collaboration and the potential of social media to shape a better future. It demonstrated that by leveraging the reach and influence of online platforms, individuals and organizations can create a global movement that drives sustainable development and social impact. The event not only raised awareness about the SDGs but also fostered meaningful connections and partnerships among participants. It served as a catalyst for collaborative efforts, inspiring attendees to take concrete actions in their respective fields and communities.

With the support and engagement of individuals worldwide, ConnectAID’s World Summit showcased the transformative power of social media and paved the way for a more inclusive and sustainable world. By harnessing the collective strength of social media influencers, the summit made a lasting impact by amplifying marginalized voices, promoting social justice, and advancing the global agenda for sustainable development.

ConnectAID continues its mission to connect individuals, organizations, and communities in the pursuit of sustainable development and social impact. Through ongoing initiatives, collaborations, and advocacy efforts, they strive to create a more equitable and resilient world, where the voices of the most vulnerable are heard, and their needs are met.

The World Summit of SDG Influencers will be remembered as a milestone event that ignited a global movement for positive change. It reinforced the belief that every individual has the power to make a difference and that collective action is essential in achieving the ambitious goals set forth by the United Nations.

As the world progresses towards a more sustainable future, ConnectAID will continue to harness the potential of social media, uniting influencers and change-makers to build a world where no one is left behind. Through their dedication and innovative approach, they inspire hope and create opportunities for a better tomorrow. Together, we can create a brighter and more prosperous future for all.

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