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We live in a world marked by inequalities. Many individuals and companies want to help but most have lost faith in the existing charity model, or don’t know where to give. Corporte Social Responsibility has a growing importance among consumers, employees and investors, with “9 out of 10 consumers placing significant value in a company’s commitments to social responsibility and solidarity” (Dejean Survey, 2018). Companies’ commitments and collaboration in international aid projects is nevertheless a necessity for our planet. Because sustainable development matters to all, and today more than ever with the current crisis we are all going through.

ConnectAID in the eyes of experts

Our team
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Pierre Bernier
Pierre BernierManaging Director at Unigestion SA
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"ConnectAID has an innovative approach in a growing market. A project with great potential led by professionals with real convictions as well as a world vision."
Antonio Vieira Santos
Antonio Vieira SantosCo-Founder of DT Lab, Innovation broker
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"My passion is to recognize opportunities that link tech, ideas, and people through networking. I see ConnectAID as a major opportunity for mankind."
Debra Ruh
Debra RuhFounder of Ruh Global
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"The world has come together to agree on the UN 17 sustainable development goals (SDGs) to solve our largest global problems. ConnectAID has brought together organizations around the world that are on the frontlines supporting the implementation of the UN SDGs. Together we are stronger and can make a huge difference for our living planet, people, and the other inhabitants. I am proud to part of this important initiative to save our world."
Barbara Ryan
Barbara RyanDirector of WGIC
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"“There are many great organizations addressing the climate, environmental, and development challenges. Yet, each of these efforts are often conducted in isolation, and are rarely integrated. The Earth is an integrated system, and we therefore need integrated approaches to solving global problems. ConnectAID facilitates this integration that we so sorely need. It is a a force-multiplier for achieving SDGs."

ConnectAID Corporate Membership

Join our network as a Corporate Member
  • Showcase SDG action
  • Gain brand recognition through ConnectAID’s networks and virtual events
  • Benefit from our network and expertise to conduct due diligence with international nonprofit projects
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Become an Impact Corporate Partner

  • Gain brand recognition through our website and virtual events.
  • Benefit from our network & expertise to conduct due diligence with NGO partners, facilitate your donations, public matching challenges or grants
  • Showcase SDG action.
  • On our interactive solidarity network, create your own private space: a dedicated hub just for your organization, your staff, your community or cause, with access to direct messages, events, live videos, posts and more, and also connected to international aid.
  • Join us in our communication campaigns, therefore increasing your visibility through our numerous events and online actions, including our annual World Summits of SDG Influencers, SDG book corners and Academy of youth voices.
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Our tailored services

  • Find the Experts you need from our pool of consultants.
  • Delegate the design and implementation of your SDG communication campaigns.
  • Partner with us for a specific SDG related campaign or event, and we will help you spread the word internationally through our list of SDG Influencers and our extended networks reaching millions of individuals.
  • Sponsor one of our humanitarian missions on the ground and video productions. Your investment will have a ripple effect!
  • Empower your social media outreach.
  • Send your staff to one of our solidarity trips, we can organize everything for you.
  • Sponsor our World Summits of SDG Influencers.

Together, we can be the change

Corporates willing to publicly contribute to sustainable projects on our International Solidarity Network are encouraged to contact us.