ConnectAID's Ambassadors

Gaelle Mogli
Gaëlle Mogli
Founder of ConnectAID - Former UN Spokesperson

"ConnectAID was born out of a simple belief that when we connect, collaborate, and communicate effectively, we can create a world of profound impact.

Together, we have the power to transform lives, inspire change, and build a future where no one is left behind."

Adam Rogers
Vice President of ConnectAID - UN Advisor

"ConnectAID is a unique platform that leverages the power of communication to connect individuals, organizations and communities to drive transformational change. Its focus on promoting dignity, equality, and opportunity for all is what sets it apart. I am proud to be part of a team that is bringing people together with the purpose of building a better future for everyone."

Christine Milne
Christine Milne
Global Greens Ambassador, Officer of the Order of Australia

"Faced with the Climate crises and overwhelming inequality, committed people, often in small NGOs are working all over the world to achieve the SDGs but who knows of their work?
ConnectAID is the critical link to amplify these inspiring stories and to enable the whole global effort for the SDGs to be greater than the sum of the parts."

PP Walsh
Patrick Paul Walsh
Vice President of Education at UN SDSN, UCD professor of Int Development Studies

"As an Ambassador for ConnectAID, I firmly believe that none of us are truly making a difference unless we are using our capacities to support the least developed countries. I am happy, delighted even, to lend my academic voice to promote the mission of ConnectAID."


Felix Dodds
Felix Dodds
Author, activist, academic, futurist – co-author of Negotiating the SDGs

"Today we live in an inter connected world where change is happening at an ever increasing rate. To help balance that ConnectAID has embraced the Sustainable Development Goals as the framework which we can all support to enable us to secure only one earth for generations to come. By connecting us all together we can support each other and projects that make a real difference by utilizing the opportunities that new technology gives us."

Debra Ruh
Debra Ruh
CEO of Ruh Global IMPACT, Co-Founder and Chair of Billion-Strong

"The world has come together to agree on the UN 17 SDGs to solve our largest global problems. Connect Aid International has brought together NGOs around the world that are on the frontlines supporting the implementation of the UN SDGs. Together we are stronger and can make a huge difference for our living planet, people, and the other inhabitants. I am proud to become an ambassador for this important initiative to save our world."

Helen Li
Helene Li
Co Founder GoImpact General Manager Fintech Association of Hong Kong

"There is urgency in connecting the dots and driving the Sustainable Development agenda forward.

In this regard, ConnectAID stands as a powerful platform, meant to facilitate and unite our collective efforts.

The need of the hour is to swiftly transition from intention to action, for we have no Planet B, and no business to be done on a half dead planet !"

Amaya Gillespie
Amaya Gillespie
UN Adviser & Former Director of the UN Study on violence against children

"I still believe that the world is a generous place and it is possible to live life 'on purpose"; but too often we get wrapped up in our own individual effort and forget that we can do so much more when we are "connected". That is what ConnectAID is all about.

As the proverb goes: " If you want to go quickly go alone, if you want to go far, go together..."


Head short of Thomas Gloria, Former Director of the Sustainability Programme at Harvard University, Managing Director at Industrial Ecology Consultants.
Thomas Gloria
Former Director of the Sustainability Programme at Harvard University

"For those who discover who ConnectAID is and what it's about: there is this true sense that we all belong.

ConnectAID's strength is making everyone feel like they fit and everyone feels empowered to do something for sustainable development."

Jennifer Williams
Jennifer Williams
CEO and Co-founder of Take Action Global

"We need to move to the next level of solidarity. ConnectAID offers a human-centered approach with dedication to building an inclusive community and collective action.

We are the people, this is the moment--let's join together for our planet and its citizens."

Yasmine Sherif
Yasmine Sherif
Director of Education Cannot Wait, the UN global fund for education in emergencies, hosted by UNICEF

"Fantastic initiative, beyond innovative, this is truly ingenious.

Education Cannot Wait is all in!"


Antonio Vierra Santos
Antonio Vieira Santos
Co-Founder of DT Lab, Innovation broker

"My passion lies in recognizing and harnessing opportunities that seamlessly connect technology, ideas, and people through the power of networking. In this pursuit, I see ConnectAID as nothing short of a major opportunity for humankind, a catalyst for positive change, and a gateway to uplift communities across the globe."

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