ConnectAID is a pioneering network of networks that combines social impact with communication support to Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) initiatives. Our International Solidarity Network shares this vision of being an active part of the change and promoting solidarity in innovative ways.

We strive to connect people to international aid initiatives that will make a greater impact on social, humanitarian, and environmental issues. Our approach to international solidarity is founded on the belief that collective action can help address the challenges of sustainable development and the far-reaching effects of the recent pandemic and ongoing crisis.

Our humanitarian social network dedicated to the 17 SDGs

The International Solidarity Network is a free social network which works just like any other platform: in a few clicks, you can create your member profile, with access to private messages, the ability create posts with photos and videos, group chats, updates by Sustainable Development Goal (SDGs), trainings, discussion forums… and more.

On the International Solidarity Network you can:

  • Meet people nearby and internationally
  • Join various community spaces in different languages
  • Engage in communities in different languages,
  • Find jobs and volunteering opportunities or grant opportunities,
  • Watch livestreaming,
  • Join international online events, meetings and webinars related to sustainable development.

You can even download a mobile app on your phone, join courses, follow concrete actions on the ground from our vetted NGO partners active all around the world, and be inspired by humanitarian and environmental action to be part of the change.

Register on our free network in just a few clicks.

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In brief, this is the place to be for purpose, solidarity and SDG online action. Your network.

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Our actions

ConnectAID, the International Solidarity Network, connects you to concrete humanitarian, environmental and development aid projects around the world and provides nonprofits the tools they need to be more efficient on the ground.

  • Through our pool of volunteers and consultants, we provide high level communication support to Foundations and nonprofit organizations around the world. 
  • We provide a list of nonprofit organizations to help individuals like you find their cause, and we showcase the necessary work our vetted members do on the ground.
  • We facilitate access to humanitarian news as well as jobs and volunteering opportunities.
  • We hold an Academy with trainings and courses and publish a list of SDG influencers.
  • We organise distinguished World Summits dedicated to exposing SDG values, breaking silos, and encouraging solidarity.

We have already invested 50,000 hours of work in the creation of the International Solidarity Network, now internationally renowned  through its extended social media reach of millions of potential changemakers who care about our people and our planet.


We thank all individuals and organizations who wish to invest in our actions.

Thank you to everyone who has made the success of the International Solidarity Network possible. In addition to our current team of specialists in areas of communication, computer programming, humanitarian and development aid, we also would like to thank our partners, Ambassadors and all those who believed in us and who are using ConnectAID to make a difference.

If you are a communication, fundraising, video or IT expert and are interested in volunteering with us to support not just one, but many nonprofit organizations, contact us! What we do is more than ever necessary.