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Empowering Vulnerable Families in Rwanda

FXB Rwanda, a remarkable organization dedicated to supporting vulnerable families, is making a significant impact on the road to economic and social self-sufficiency in Rwanda. With a focus on addressing the drivers of poverty and strengthening income capacity, FXB Rwanda aims to break the cycle of poverty while uplifting communities.

Challenges in Rwanda:

Child from RwandaDespite progress in human and economic development since the aftermath of the 1994 civil war and genocide, Rwanda still faces significant challenges. The impact of the coronavirus pandemic has exacerbated the need for improvements in key areas such as infant mortality, maternal health, education, and the reduction of extreme poverty. The nation continues to grapple with the aftermath of the genocide and the high proportion of orphans resulting from the AIDS virus. Over half of Rwanda’s population currently lives below the poverty line. Furthermore, the country’s fragile economy faces constant fluctuations in international market prices and extreme weather conditions. Surviving the impact of COVID-19 while finding sustainable sources of growth remains a pressing challenge.

Action and Impact of FXB Rwanda:

FXB Rwanda has been at the forefront of community development programs aimed at lifting people out of poverty since 1994. Their integrated approach tackles the multidimensional causes of poverty by simultaneously addressing five key drivers: lack of nutrition, health, education, housing, and income.Girl from Rwanda

Through a comprehensive package of services, FXB Rwanda provides families with the tools to escape poverty. Families receive support to establish income-generating activities, such as microenterprises, along with an initial grant, access to food, skills training, coaching, group support, healthcare, proper housing, and education for their children. The organization’s goal is to empower families to meet their daily needs and become socially and economically self-sufficient. Over a three-year period, families receive ongoing support, gradually increasing their income to achieve financial stability.

FXB Rwanda has so far successfully implemented around 50 programs with in diverse aforementioned areas of interventions. Through its implemented programs, FXB Rwanda has directly or indirectly reached more than 2.5 million of beneficiaries all across Rwanda with its interventions. The positive impact extends beyond the selected families, reaching surrounding communities and creating a ripple effect of transformation.

ConnectAID's Community Advocate in Rwanda

ConnectAID’s Involvement: FXB Rwanda’s impactful work has garnered the attention and support of ConnectAID, as one of their community Advocates volunteered with the organization in 2019. This collaboration emphasizes the shared vision of solidarity and the commitment to alleviating poverty and empowering vulnerable communities.

Looking Ahead: With the support of individuals like you, FXB Rwanda aims to uplift some of the poorest families in Rwanda, enabling them to escape extreme poverty sustainably. By providing assistance during one of the most challenging periods in history, FXB Rwanda strives to create a snowball effect that will positively impact generations to come.


FXB Rwanda’s integrated approach and unwavering dedication to empowering vulnerable families in Rwanda sets a powerful example. Through their comprehensive programs, they address the root causes of poverty and provide families with the tools and resources they need to thrive. With ongoing support from ConnectAID and compassionate individuals worldwide, FXB Rwanda is making significant strides in breaking the cycle of poverty and building a brighter future for the people of Rwanda.

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