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Youth Space in the Slums of Noida, India

ConnectAID reports back from the field to communicate the impact its nonprofit Member FXB India Suraksha is having through one of its centers for vulnerable youth.

In September 2022, ConnectAID visited FXB India Suraksha’s Youth Space in Noida, India, where they met children who live in the poorest slums of nearby New Delhi. The children performed dances, songs, and a play on human trafficking. They also listened to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) speech by 12-year-old Academy Youth Voice Eyva and enjoyed magic tricks performed by Field Reporter Pablo.

Noida is located on the outskirts of New Delhi, about an hour’s drive southeast of the Indian capital. The city is dominated by massive industrial buildings, and its huge drainage systems provide shelter for many families. Many children run around on the streets because their families have jobs in the informal sector, leaving them unattended. The jobs are low-paying, often short-term, and unregulated by the government.

Most of the children living in Noida’s streets do not go to school, and those who do are more likely to drop out due to a lack of support. Without proper education, it is nearly impossible for the children to break out of poverty. To break this vicious cycle, the nonprofit FXB India Suraksha built the Youth Space inside the community for the children.

FXB’s Youth Space allows children to get an education in both informal and formal ways. Informal education is for those who have not had any education before or have dropped out of school, and formal education is for those who are enrolled in school. In addition, there are workshops on various subjects that provide practical skills for the children. Hundreds of children have gone through this center, giving them a chance to have a normal childhood while their parents are working.

Today, the Noida Youth Center accommodates up to 90 children and is currently self-funded by the organization. Thanks to the entire team at FXB India Suraksha and their compassion and passion for these children, several of them have even made it to college.

ConnectAID spent a few days with the FXB India Suraksha team and the children in Noida. The International Solidarity Network witnessed how much the center matters for children who live in such precarious conditions. The social workers are impacting the kids’ lives in an indescribable way. They are loved, they are valued, and they now have a chance to break out of poverty. They also learn about gender equality and anti-trafficking measures that they may never have heard about otherwise.

ConnectAID shares this story because they believe that more people should know about the work of their NGO Member FXB India Suraksha. Do not hesitate to get in touch with ConnectAID or FXB India Suraksha to learn more about their actions. Together, we can create a better future for our youth, including those living in the slums of Noida.

Many people are familiar with the quote from Jose Rizal: “The youth are the hope of our future.” The less-popular second line reads “He who does not know how to look back at where he came from will never get to his destination.”

Let’s look back, care for our youth, and leave no one behind.


To find out more about FXBIS, visit their website. 

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