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ConnectAID: Interview with its Founder

Our Founder Gaelle Mogli responds to questions regarding ConnectAID, the International Solidarity Network.

What is your background prior to ConnectAID?

«ConnectAID is a reflection of my commitment to the humanitarian world»

After completing my studies in the United States, I worked as a journalist in Latin America. Through my research and work on the rights of Indigenous people, I was introduced to sustainable development. I have decided to dedicate my career to the humanitarian sector ever since. I started working for UNICEF in 2004, carrying out for many years various field missions across all continents (for example in Nepal, Malawi, Vanuatu, Kazakhastan, Tajikistan, Romania and many more countries). I then worked for about 4 years as a Spokesperson for several United Nations agencies in Geneva. And then I founded ConnectAID – a project which is in line with my commitment to the humanitarian world.

What is ConnectAID and why do we need an international solidarity network?

ConnectAID is an innovative social impact network and communication service provider dedicated to supporting grassroots organizations worldwide. We shine a light on their high-impact projects and raise awareness about their causes.

«Our Members have access to the tools they need to communicate about their actions»

In today’s world, there are countless Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) facing tough competition and skepticism from donors unsure of where to contribute or if their donations truly make a difference. Nonprofits must excel in communication and fundraising to ensure their efficiency, which requires significant time and resources. This ultimately limits the funds available for their vital projects.

Recognizing these challenges, we created ConnectAID—a network that empowers individuals, associations, foundations, NGOs, and corporations to become agents of change. On our website, anyone can gain access to a catalog of vetted sustainable projects, while nonprofits benefit from the tools needed to effectively communicate their actions, saving valuable time and resources.

How does ConnectAID contribute to the Sustainable Development Goals ?

«The 17 SDGs are at the heart of ConnectAID»

The projects featured on our platform align with these goals set by the international community to end poverty, protect the environment, and promote sustainable development by 2030. Our platform covers various objectives, including poverty alleviation, education support, and healthcare provision. We embody the 17th SDG by fostering global partnerships, encouraging solidarity among organizations, individuals, and the private sector.

What makes ConnectAID different?

«ConnectAID is a viral platform establishing long-term relationships between nonprofit organizations and foundations»

ConnectAID is a unique platform that sets itself apart in the humanitarian landscape. We have moved beyond traditional fundraising to focus on building a global network of solidarity and empowering nonprofits in new and innovative ways. ConnectAID is now a dynamic social impact network that fosters direct connections and long-term relationships between nonprofits, individuals, and organizations. Our goal is to amplify the reach and impact of grassroots initiatives by providing them with the tools, resources, and communication support they need to thrive.

We offer a range of specialized services tailored to the needs of nonprofits, such as affordable communication solutions and access to a global community of like-minded changemakers. By leveraging technology and collaboration, we enable nonprofits to maximize their efficiency, showcase their impact, and establish meaningful partnerships.

At ConnectAID, we believe that sustainable development requires more than just financial contributions. It demands active engagement, knowledge sharing, and collective action. Through our wide outreach on all social networks, we facilitate the exchange of ideas, expertise, and resources, creating a powerful ecosystem of positive change.

Who are your partners and what projects and services are offered?

«Our goal is to support international organizations so they can mitigate the impact of humanitarian crisis, achieve the Sustainable Development Goals and devote more time and attention to their projects in the field»

ConnectAID offers a curated selection of humanitarian projects known for their sustainability and impact in the field. We support various organizations such as She Changes Climate, the World Geospatial Industry Council, Climate and Sustainability, FXB India Suraksha, the Antara Foundation, among many others.

On our network, nonprofits are not in competition with each other. On the contrary, we created a strong group of organizations that support each others. This is the strength of our vision: partnership and solidarity.

We also offer affordable communication services to foundations and NGOs, enabling them to focus on their fieldwork. Our Ambassador Program and tailored “Solidarity Trips” further strengthen the bond between donors, beneficiaries, and nonprofits on the ground.

Our ambition is to ‘revolutionize’ the world of international solidarity at a time when it is more needed than ever, for greater humanitarian impact on local communities.


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