ConnectAID: Empowering Changemakers and Fostering Global Solidarity in Sustainable Development

ConnectAID is a groundbreaking international solidarity network and philanthropic platform that is committed to accelerating the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and help regain public trust of humanitarian projects.

The International Solidarity Network was founded by Gaëlle Mogli, a former journalist and UN spokesperson, who is determined to innovate for more impact in sustainable development. The current global crisis brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic and Russian war has hit the most vulnerable countries on the planet, and the impact of the crisis has amplified inequalities around the world. According to UN agencies, over two billion people working in the informal sector are particularly affected by the crisis, and more than half a billion people could be pushed into poverty, undoing several decades of progress against extreme poverty. The crisis has also had a significant impact on women, with poverty rates increasing by more than 9%.

The COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted the need for a global yet solidary solution to humanitarian crises. It has forced NGOs to question their financing strategies, including how to finance important needs, how to diversify search for financing, how to adapt to digitalization, and how to sensitize and involve more donors. ConnectAID offers itself as an international solidarity network that connects changemakers to the field, offering a platform to share and help. The platform offers a list of carefully selected NGO Members, whose efficiency on the field has been proven, and who are focused on serving the SDGs. ConnectAID allows NGOs to reduce their costs in communication and focus on their core missions.

ConnectAID’s founder, Gaëlle Mogli, believes that information is critical in the financing of humanitarian projects. The public must be aware of the situation, needs, and sustainable development activities happening in the world. She emphasizes that the lack of precise information is the biggest obstacle to the financing of humanitarian projects. ConnectAID was created to solve these issues and offers everyone the opportunity to commit to sustainable development and bring about positive change.

ConnectAID is a network of networks, with its own social media, that aims to build a strong and lasting bond between NGOs, Foundations, Corporations and people. The platform provides personalized transparency and follow-up on humanitarian projects. It distinguishes itself from other actors in the sector by drawing attention to partnership and collaration. The platform offers everyone the opportunity to stay connected and informed about the progress of the projects they support.

On its social networks, ConnectAID promotes carefully selected non-profit organizations and sustainable development projects. All contribute to one or more SDGs and the global effort for development. The organizations are not competing with one another on ConnectAID. Instead, they understand the importance of solidarity and the power of teamwork. The platform offers a diversified portfolio of projects and organizations to support. ConnectAID aims to help everyone discover “their” cause and become a changemaker.

ConnectAID’s ambition is to develop real change in the world of international solidarity, between organizations and individuals. It aims to create a new normal with more meaning, solidarity, and impact in sustainable development.

In conclusion, ConnectAID is an innovative and ambitious network that aims to accelerate the UN SDGs and enhance communication of humanitarian action. Through ConnectAID, everyone has the opportunity to commit to sustainable development and bring about positive change.

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