Chipembele Wildlife Education Trust

Chipembele Wildlife Education Trust is a Zambian NGO, established in 1998, to teach the community around South Luangwa National Park, Zambia, the importance of wildlife and provide the knowledge to conserve it.

Its mission: Chipembele delivers its innovative conservation education programme to children in schools through conservation clubs and to community members through conservation-themed lessons, in 7 chiefdoms bordering the South Luangwa National Park.

As a part of the programme, they also hold regular field trips into the Park for school students, carry out visits to a dedicated education centre, conduct multi-night school camping experiences, run junior ecologist classes in partnership with another NGO, and have a student sponsorship programme.

Chipembele is making impactful changes from the ground up and supporting the next generation of conservation leaders in Zambia, not only by developing awareness and passion for conservation but furthermore through participation in their year-long Aspiring Conservation Leaders programme, which prepares school leavers for careers in conservation. They also offer sponsorship for tertiary students and internships.

Many people who have participated in the Chipembele programme now hold key positions in Zambia including conservation NGO managers, wildlife researchers, biologists, wildlife film makers, eco-safari guides, school Conservation Club patrons/matrons and environmental educators.

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