Little indian girl in front of a blue house.

The Blue House

The Blue House Project is a non-profit organization founded to support disadvantaged families living in tents in the desert of Pushkar (Rajasthan – India). Through Education, Employment and Primary Life Needs we help these families to escape the intergenerational cycle of poverty.

Its mission : the organization sends children belonging to lower castes to the local school. In the project center ‘the Blue House’, we provide tuition and lunch after school. In addition, they employ the parents and supply basic life needs such as monthly food and shelter. The project is founded and run by Dutch student Jaira Sona Chin and Pushkar locals from the poor community itself.

The parents they work with lack of income to create a positive future for their family. All the students belong to poor lower castes and most of them are musicians and cleaners. Most parents are forced to send their children to go begging. To change this, they employ the parents of our students.

Employing the parents empowers the families and helps them to become independent and self-sufficient. The Blue House sells their hand stitched products on the website and in several shops in Europe. 100% of the profit of these handmade products is given to the woman who made the product.

The students eat lunch and attend tuition classes in our project centre: the Blue House. Six days a week, students are tutored by two local teachers. Lunch is made and served by  teenage boys. Most of schoolchildren were lacking basic knowledge before they started school in 2016. Therefore, they need extra tuition and attention to increase their level of knowledge and skills.

The organization enrols its students in the local Atharv Public School. The school is managed by a local couple from Pushkar.

The Blue House currently sponsors the education of 70 children of low caste families who live in tents in the desert of Pushkar. Our sponsors fund school fees, books and uniforms.

Every single person who wants to sponsor a child’s education helps us to send one more child to school.

For more information, visit the organization’s website.


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