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Migration Consortium’s Call to Action for Ukraine

Urgent Funding Needed for Human Rights in Ukraine: Support ConnectAID’s Partner, the Migration Consortium

ConnectAID’s partner, the Migration Consortium, is tirelessly working at the Ukrainian border to provide vital support to refugees and migrants. Comprising nine nonprofit organizations, the Consortium focuses on legal assistance, integration matters, and advocacy activities. Their mission is to ensure that refugees and migrants, particularly those from Ukraine, can fully enjoy their rights and freedoms. To achieve this goal and foster joint activities, experience sharing, and public discourse on migration and integration, the Migration Consortium relies on generous donations. In light of recent revelations, it is clear that more funding is urgently needed to support human rights initiatives in Ukraine.

Ukrainian Refugees in Poland.

Insufficient Funding for Human Rights Initiatives:
The Human Rights Funders Network (HRFN) has highlighted a concerning lack of funding for human rights-focused projects in response to the ongoing humanitarian crisis resulting from Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. Despite record-breaking donations totaling approximately $14 billion in bilateral humanitarian aid from governments and philanthropic foundations, a mere 1% of this funding is directed toward human rights initiatives. This significant disparity underscores the urgent need to prioritize human rights funding in Ukraine. (Source: the New Humanitarian)

The Importance of Human Rights Funding:
Human rights grants play a pivotal role in providing equitable access to essential aid and addressing the short- and long-term impacts of conflicts on people’s fundamental rights and freedoms. Applying a human rights lens in philanthropy means considering equity, power dynamics, and the protection of rights for the most affected individuals. It involves supporting emergency relocations, ensuring women’s rights, combating racism, and addressing the specific challenges faced by marginalized communities. Human rights funding is critical not only during emergencies but also in supporting long-term solutions and empowering local civil society organizations.

The Role of the Migration Consortium:
The Migration Consortium, as ConnectAID’s trusted partner, is at the forefront of supporting refugees and migrants in Ukraine. Their comprehensive range of services includes legal aid, integration support, and advocacy activities, all aimed at empowering individuals to exercise their rights fully. By supporting the Consortium, philanthropists contribute directly to initiatives that provide crucial assistance to those who have been displaced and marginalized due to the ongoing conflict in Ukraine.

The Need for Increased Funding:
Despite the vital work being carried out by the Migration Consortium and other organizations, there remains a significant funding gap for human rights initiatives in Ukraine. Currently, less than 2% of humanitarian funding directly reaches locally based NGOs. This limited support hampers the delivery of culturally grounded interventions by organizations deeply connected to the affected communities. By increasing funding for human rights initiatives, we can ensure that resources reach those most in need and facilitate long-term recovery and sustainable solutions.

How You Can Help:
Your support can make a tangible difference in the lives of refugees and migrants in Ukraine. By donating to the Migration Consortium through ConnectAID, you can contribute directly to the provision of legal assistance, integration programs, and advocacy activities. Your generosity will empower individuals to exercise their rights, facilitate their integration into society, and promote a platform for joint activities and exchange of experiences.


The ongoing humanitarian crisis in Ukraine calls for urgent action and increased funding for human rights-focused initiatives. ConnectAID’s partner, the Migration Consortium, is tirelessly working to support refugees and migrants, ensuring they can enjoy their rights and freedoms. By donating directly to the Consortium, you can play a vital role in empowering individuals, fostering integration, and creating a platform for joint activities and public debate on migration and integration in Poland. Together, let us bridge the funding gap and work towards a more equitable and inclusive future for all. Support the Migration Consortium today.


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