The Big Wild

The Big Wild is a nonprofit member of ConnectAID that is dedicated to harnessing innovation and technology to address the urgent challenges of climate change, environmental degradation, and societal well-being. Their mission is to stop the 6th mass extinction through the collection, collaboration, and conservation of nature-based data. With a focus on leveraging disruptive AI, ML, and GIS technology, The Big Wild strives to bring data to life for tangible and immediate impact.

The Issue
The world is facing an unprecedented threat to biodiversity and the delicate balance of our ecosystems. Climate change, habitat loss, and human activities are driving the decline of numerous species and compromising the health of our planet. Urgent action is required to address these challenges and create sustainable solutions for the preservation of our Climate, Environment, and Society.

Action and Impact
The Big Wild takes a proactive approach to conservation by actively collecting and annotating nature-based data using cutting-edge technology. Through their efforts, they rapidly transform raw data into actionable insights with extreme accuracy. This enables them to provide real-time information that can drive targeted conservation strategies and support decision-making processes.

A significant aspect of their work involves collaboration with local and indigenous communities. The Big Wild recognizes the value of their traditional knowledge and their role as stewards of the land. By engaging these communities, they unlock otherwise inaccessible data and empower them to contribute to viable and impactful solutions aligned with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), particularly SDGs 13 (Climate Action), 14 (Life Below Water), 15 (Life on Land), and 17 (Partnerships for the Goals).

Through their dedication to SDG 15 – Life on Land, The Big Wild actively contributes to the preservation and restoration of terrestrial ecosystems and the protection of biodiversity. By collecting and analyzing data on endangered wildlife, habitat degradation, and the impact of human activities, they generate crucial information that fuels conservation efforts. This emotional connection to SDG 15 drives their commitment to creating a sustainable and thriving planet for current and future generations.

Indigenous people
September 2017. Batwa guide, Machate Emanuel, leads the Buniga Community Forest Trail tour in his local language, The Batwa Pygmies were evicted from their home lands in the forest in the early 1990s when the National Parks were established, leaving them landless and poor in a society that saw them as a lower class. Today some of them try to make ends meet by hosting trail walks; cultural tours that include examples of where and how they use to live in the forest as well as singing, dancing, and handicrafts for sale. Nkuringo, Uganda. Photograph by Jason Houston

The Big Wild has also undertaken a groundbreaking Wetlands project, focusing on the creation and restoration of wetlands using innovative technology and community engagement. Wetlands are crucial ecosystems that support biodiversity, provide habitat for diverse species, and contribute to water filtration and conservation. To facilitate this important work, The Big Wild has developed the Wetlands 4 Life app. This app revolutionizes how agricultural landowners and communities address environmental challenges by streamlining the process of constructing or rebuilding wetlands. With its user-friendly interface and step-by-step questionnaire, the app empowers landowners to create direct water filtration systems, reduce environmental impact, and secure cleaner water for crops, contributing to sustainable agriculture and biodiversity conservation.

Through partnerships with individuals, organizations, foundations, and corporations, The Big Wild actively works towards conserving our Climate, Environment, and Society. By combining their technological expertise, collaboration, and shared vision, they strive to halt the loss of biodiversity and ensure a sustainable future for all. The impact of ConnectAID’s nonprofit Member’s work is far-reaching. By providing accurate wildlife conservation data in a timely manner, they contribute to the preservation of endangered species, protection of habitats, and informed decision-making for sustainable development. Through their commitment to transparency, environmental responsibility, education, and collaboration, they aim to inspire change, nurture compassion, and drive a collective effort to safeguard our planet and its rich biodiversity.

Together with ConnectAID, we invite you to join us in supporting The Big Wild’s vital mission. Your contribution can make a significant difference in our fight against the 6th mass extinction, bringing us closer to a world where nature thrives, the environment is protected, and societies flourish in harmony with our planet.

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