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The world is in crisis and many communities are suffering.
Our entire planet is affected.

Nonprofits and foundations are working hard to address global challenges… But most work in silos and struggle to deliver lasting impact.

Many organizations have lost public trust and don’t know how to communicate about their true impact.
That’s where ConnectAID comes in.

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For purpose & solidarity to become the norm

ConnectAID is a global network that champions nonprofit initiatives to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and raises awareness about the pressing challenges facing our people and our planet today. We break down barriers between organizations and individual change-makers by providing them with the necessary tools to connect and communicate in pursuit of sustainable impact. 

How? We provide targeted communication services to international organizations, manage wide communities of volunteers and organizations,  provide communication trainings, send field reporters to the ground, and organize online events dedicated to humanitarian and environmental aid. Find out more about our impact

If you are a...

Grant-making foundation
  • Find the communication experts you need
  • Find vetted NGO projects for your awards
  • Communicate internationally about the projects you support

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  • Become one of our vetted NGO Members
  • Find the tools & support you need to communicate
  • Join online trainings
  • Connect with peers

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  • Increase your CSR visibility
  • Enhance your reputation and sustainability
  • Invest in nonprofit actions
  • Connect with influencers
  • Sponsor our events and programmes

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  • Join our free social network dedicated to sustainable development
  • Engage in communities in various languages
  • Join international events
  • Find your cause 
  • Volunteer

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What we do

As communication experts, we work across all social networks, in addition to our own, to advocate for sustainable development. 

We have extensive experience in the cooperation sector and our international outreach spans over 3 million individuals. We also organize high-level events and training sessions and leverage advanced technologies such as Artificial intelligence (AI) and  virtual reality (VR) to amplify impact.

Through our social media advocacy, events and humanitarian field missions, we provide individuals with the opportunity to become advocates for change, connect our nonprofit members together and help foundations showcase the incredible work done by the organizations they support.

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We connect you to international aid for greater social, humanitarian and environmental impact.

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Where we work

Our core belief is in the power of community and networking to bridge the gap between the needs on the ground and those who want to help.

Joining us means becoming part of a global movement committed to our planet and people

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Whether your organization aims to access our pool of consultants, reach potential partners, or increase visibility while minimizing communication investment, we take great pride in providing meaningful support to those who directly address major global challenges such as poverty, inequality, climate change, and environmental degradation.

ConnectAID is growing completely organically by word of mouth. This only inspires us to keep going, knowing we are actively contributing to changes within the global community. Each new member and partner adds more impact on the ground as we work towards a safe and equitable future.

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